Focus : ESL Beginning  

The curriculum is designed to prepare the students for training in three levels. Each level is consisted of 100 hours which will prepare the students for basic grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Heavy emphasis will be placed on grammar, writing language arts, life skills and how to compose and construct sentences. After the students satisfactorily complete the training, the student will be provided with job placement assistance.

Course Title Hours
Level 1 100
Level 2 100
Level 3 100
Total 300 Clock Hours
Medical Office
Administrative Office
Legal Office Assistant
Basic Accounting and
Computerized Quickbooks
     and Accounting
Customer Service Training
Database SQL Server
Database Systems Analyst
ESL Beginning

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We are a fast growing, exciting, dynamic and results oriented school, with a steady 75% placement record. Our Faculty is the best in the industry and make learning process an enjoyable moment.

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