Focus : Legal Office Assistant  

Entrance requirements:

High School Diploma or GED

Award upon completion: Diploma

This program prepares the students in developing their keyboarding skills, and computer applications (Microsoft Word,Microsoft Excel,Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access)2007.Also the student will have a better understanding of legal terminology which reinforce understanding and connect new terms and concepts to real life, will prepare and type legal documents legal documents. The student will be introduced to law and legal process, criminal law, business law, traditional law, law and family, government and law and the legal professional. Also the student will be prepared for Upon completing of the course student will have developed speed and accuracy, typing at least 30 wpm, will be proficient in MS Word will be able to process legal documents and would know how to handle multiple tasks following instructions and independently.


Course Title Hours
Typing and Keyboarding I 30
Microsoft Word 30
Office Procedures 72
Total 132 Clock Hours
Medical Office
Administrative Office
Legal Office Assistant
Basic Accounting and
Computerized Quickbooks
     and Accounting
Customer Service Training